The Dept. of Defense, the Veteran’s Administration and “Standardized” Pain Management


The Joint Pain Education Project (JPEP) is a collaborative effort between the Department of Defense (DOD) and Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to develop a standardized pain management curriculum to improve the complex care needs of pain patients, specifically, obviously, designed for military personnel and veterans, as well as addressing provider education and training. The “project” was originally targeted for joint pain issues but has changed with time into a much broader task force to look at and address the problem of pain, chronic pain specifically.

The organization now offers quite a wealth of information for all individuals in the pain management community…

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Creating a Pain Management “Game Plan”

The following is a short video that focuses on defining pain and learning to live with chronic pain including how to create a pain management plan.

The producers, from the Human Performance Resource Center, emphasize the key ideas that the sensation of pain

a. comes from the brain

b. that the brain can be retrained

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