The Energy Limitations of Chronic Pain ~ The Minimalist Trend May Just Help With That


When you live in Chronic Pain energy becomes one of your most precious commodities. Like any resource, when it is limited and you don’t have enough to go around it becomes something to invest great care and thought in, so that, when you do have it, you can spend it in an enjoyable way: visiting friends, working in your shop, creating art or gardening.

So how do we utilize and reclaim the supply of energy what we do have or  “find” more?

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Navigating Chronic Pain with Strength of Character

Do you know what your character strengths are?

By knowing our own character, both our strengths and weaknesses, and learning to apply them. we can live more fulfilling and enriching lives, and for those who live in Chronic Pain, they become tools…

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“Say 8”- A Comedian’s Experience with the Use of the 1-10 Pain Scale

We all need a laugh now and again and although we know humor can often be a personal choice (Heaven help us in our hyper-politically correctly environment), here find a well know comedian’s, Brian Regan, skit on a trip to the emergency room, attempting to communicate one’s pain to healthcare practitioners and the challenge of using the 1-10 pain scale.

Have a good laugh…and here’s hope for the good medicine laughter can provide.