Mindfulness ~ A Powerful Chronic Pain Coping Skill

Research has shown that mindfulness is one of the very few things truly proven to be an affective coping skill for Chronic Pain.

But what in the heck is mindfulness?

Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan Monk, does a wonderfully entertaining job of presenting just what mindfulness is and looks like and also covers, in a delightful manner, the benefits of practicing it for even just 10 minutes a day.


Chronic Pain ~ Who’s in the “Driver’s Seat” of Your Pain?

Continuing research on Chronic Pain has begun to show that Chronic Pain, to some degree (they’re still working on all of this), can be a disease of the mind.

This doesn’t mean however that there are not major injuries to or diseases of the body involved as well, but simply, given the technology and brain-imaging that is now available…

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“Dealer or Healer” ~ A Disturbing Tale of One Pain Doctor’s “Run-In” with the Political Correctness of Pain Management

The Documentary, “Dr. Feelgood”, released in late 2016, deals with what has become the very complicated issue of pain management in the United States.

The medications that are prescribed for pain have become headline making, and there is, as we who live in Chronic Pain well know, a very strong “push” in our society against pain medication. For those living with Chronic Pain and too, the Doctors who work to help patients in pain,  it has all become more challenging (and scarier) than ever.

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Navigating Chronic Pain with Strength of Character

Do you know what your character strengths are?

By knowing our own character, both our strengths and weaknesses, and learning to apply them. we can live more fulfilling and enriching lives, and for those who live in Chronic Pain, they become tools…

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