Mindfulness ~ A Powerful Chronic Pain Coping Skill

Research has shown that mindfulness is one of the very few things truly proven to be an affective coping skill for Chronic Pain.

But what in the heck is mindfulness?

Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan Monk, does a wonderfully entertaining job of presenting just what mindfulness is and looks like and also covers, in a delightful manner, the benefits of practicing it for even just 10 minutes a day.


Keeping Your Smile

The gentle act of a smile can remind and become a touchstone for us that goodness, peace and joy are nor only possible but near.

Living in Chronic Pain can lead us down dark paths full of confusion, loss of meaning, purpose and hope, and we must strive to find such reminders, lights, to help us find our way, keep our sanity and our hearts, while we face and learn to live with pain.

The practice of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness has been found to be one of the surest of beacons for those who live in Chronic Pain.

Here, Thich Nhat Hahn, a Zen Buddhist Monk, does a beautiful job of explaining how the simple, gentle act of smiling can…

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Unknowing ~ An Ancient Path to Peace (Chronic Pain and All)

Chronic Pain often seems to force us to focus on pain, and only pain. Our mind (and spirit) start down a tortured path not of our own making it seems, as we move from the knowledge that the pain, which in most cases ends- has an ending- will subside, to the knowledge that, in our case, it is in fact, never ending.

We seek medical care, but at some point along this journey, we come to the realization that mastery of our minds and spirits

is an essential component of our pain management, our well-being…

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The Healing Circle ~ Mandalas, A Unique Chronic Pain Management Tool

In the circle we experience perfect symmetry, integrity, unity and completeness. This sense of wholeness is also something associated with the ideal state of well-being, of external and internal balance and harmony.

Mandalas (the Sanskrit word for circle) are found in cultures across history, from Tibetan Buddhist’s sand-designs to Native American medicine wheels to European Cathedral’s circular stain-glass windows, and all have been utilized as a path and symbol of spiritual connection, centeredness and too, to foster and guide us towards well-being, in the largest sense of the world…

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Willing to Train in the Middle of the Fire

Facing pain as a warrior…

Finding strength through the Buddhist practice of Lojong and

The Excellence of Bodhichitta.

Facing life in and with suffering presents a challenge for us all and finding “the way”, a way, through and within it is daunting, at some times more than others. Life can present us all with much, but when you live in constant pain, all of it, life’s upsets and problems, seem magnified ten-fold.

Buddhism, a philosophy thousands of years old, has offered many people an approach to living that has been described as the path of the compassionate warrior- a profound shift in our thinking…

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