Mindfulness ~ A Powerful Chronic Pain Coping Skill

Research has shown that mindfulness is one of the very few things truly proven to be an affective coping skill for Chronic Pain.

But what in the heck is mindfulness?

Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan Monk, does a wonderfully entertaining job of presenting just what mindfulness is and looks like and also covers, in a delightful manner, the benefits of practicing it for even just 10 minutes a day.


Learning About the Mind-Pain Connection … A “Leverage Point” for Chronic Pain Management

We now believe that the brain is the root of our sense of pain.

“But if the brain controls all pain, does that mean that we can think pain away? ” ~ Paul Ingraham, Pain Science

No, but, as pain is our brain’s doing (normally it works as a danger/warning sign for bodily injury and harm), we can utilize this information to have some “influence” on our pain…

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NSAID’s and Chronic Pain ~ Know the Risks

A part of Chronic Pain for many, in some way, shape or form is connected to inflammation. Inflammation occurs naturally as the body’s response to many types of injuries, infections and organ, tissue and cellular disturbances. More often then not- if something is awry in the body, the body goes into inflammation-mode, bringing the message of distress to the body-owner (the pain signal) and the rush of needed blood and cellular activity (which we experience as swelling, heat and redness) to initiate the body’s healing process.

NSAID’s (Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatories) were developed and are commonly used today to decrease inflammation including to lower fevers and reduce swelling.

Many NSAID’s are readily available over-the-counter and others require a prescription, but they can all have serious results and side effects. For those who live in Chronic Pain, taking NSAID’s regularly and/or taking more than recommended, even rarely, can have serious consequences…

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Chronic Pain on Trend: The Power of a Minimalist Wardrobe

Can clothing, one’s wardrobe, really make a difference for those living with Chronic Pain?

If merely getting dressed in the morning is a stressful event due to pain, you just might want to consider the trend of minimalism, specifically adopting a minimalist approach to fashion and dressing.

Not only is it a simpler approach to the actual physical aspect of getting dressed, it also just may help you to live better with your pain, physically, mentally and psychologically.

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Unknowing ~ An Ancient Path to Peace (Chronic Pain and All)

Chronic Pain often seems to force us to focus on pain, and only pain. Our mind (and spirit) start down a tortured path not of our own making it seems, as we move from the knowledge that the pain, which in most cases ends- has an ending- will subside, to the knowledge that, in our case, it is in fact, never ending.

We seek medical care, but at some point along this journey, we come to the realization that mastery of our minds and spirits

is an essential component of our pain management, our well-being…

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