Pain, The Basics

The Science of Pain

Neuroscience has shown that yes, pain really is in our heads. Our sensation of pain is the result of many complex processes throughout the body that then arrive in our minds. When stung by a bee the messages from our skin race to our mind where instantaneous and complex interpretations of that signal bring the message of pain, and severity of it, to our consciousness. That elaborate process is unique to every single individual so what hurts you and what hurts me and to what degree and for how long are all our unique experience and one cannot be compared to the other except in the most rudimentary of fashions. 052Science has much to learn about pain and they are, right now, as we speak….

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Integrative Approaches to Pain Management

What is Integrative Medicine?

“Integrative health” incorporates the use of alternative  approaches as a complement to mainstream health care. Definitions of “integrative” medicine can vary, but all involve bringing conventional and alternative approaches together in a coordinated way. More and more people are taking this approach but as the marriage of the two is still relatively new the terminology is still in flux, the research is still developing so, when considering it, keep an open mind and exercise care.

Alternative health care practices, otherwise known as non-mainstream approaches, often seem new but many are in fact far from it.

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Medical Marijuana

Marijuana and Pain


Pain, we know, is the body’s way of sounding alarm; it announces that all is not well with our bodies, whether from causes of disease or accident. It is the most common reason that people seek medical care. Pain is a big problem.

And not just for patients. For physicians and all manner of healthcare professionals, pain is a complex, persistent and vexing challenge. It can have any number of causes, many of which are poorly understood, and it does not always respond well to treatment. The medications for pain often prove to be problematic themselves as different types of pain, and individuals, respond in any manner of ways to any given medication. Then there are the side effects, which can be significant.

The search for new and better pain relievers is an on-going quest.

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Living well with pain

Living Well’s Article


Living Well with chronic pain is an article which, briefly, outlines 8 steps or processes to take to better live in pain: They discuss: coping skills, exercise, medication, alternative treatments, relaxation tips, seeking help and support and the value of research . It is very minimal …

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Why Things Hurt by Lorimer Moseley

This is a great TED Talk by a remarkable Neuroscience Researcher, Lorimer Moseley, from Australia. He travels around the world as a keynote speaker on pain, and has written three charming and highly readable books on the science on pain. He and brings so much humor to the subject and is a wealth of current information about pain, how it works and what can be done about it. He does it all with a twinkle in his eye and a ready laugh.

He is a great gift to the cause of exploring, remediating, researching, investigating, addressing and bringing compassion, understanding and light to the whole topic of pain.

This presentation is a must-see for any one living with pain.