Could Inflammation Be At the Root of Your Chronic Pain?

Suspect inflammation issues may be at the root of your Chronic Pain?

Here’s a quick, down-and-dirty quiz from the “Don’t Turn Your Back On It” people. They represent “a campaign to raise public awareness of inflammatory back pain (IBP) and AS (ankylosing spondylitis). It is an initiative organized and funded by AbbVie… and the team at Arthritis Australia“.

*Sorry- this is geared to those with Chronic Pain related to the spine.

Chronic Pain and Vitamin D: A Relationship that’s Surprisingly Well Understood

Chronic Pain…

it seems that each of us who suffer from it are just so darn unique!

Your symptoms, your under-lying condition (if there is one or it’s been found), your pain triggers, your effective pain management techniques…

none of us seem to agree.

So in respect to finding answers it becomes quite a challenge for our healthcare-providers and Chronic Pain researchers. There are a lot of variables so…

When they find something that’s common across the spectrum of Chronic Pain sufferers, that’s note-worthy!

Especially when its something simple that we can actually, pro-actively, do to try and improve our condition!

Vitamin D anyone?

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Mindfulness ~ A Powerful Chronic Pain Coping Skill

Research has shown that mindfulness is one of the very few things truly proven to be an affective coping skill for Chronic Pain.

But what in the heck is mindfulness?

Andy Puddicombe, a former Tibetan Monk, does a wonderfully entertaining job of presenting just what mindfulness is and looks like and also covers, in a delightful manner, the benefits of practicing it for even just 10 minutes a day.


Chronic Pain and Bereavement ~ Learning to Live with the Losses

Chronic Pain, obviously, takes from us, first and foremost, the gift of living pain-free, of health and well-being. That is a hard thing to come to terms with (to put it mildly). But living in constant pain, we soon learn, is going to ask much, much more of us, as do so many chronic illnesses.

We come to know, and perhaps repeatedly and/or continuously for a time, a sense of profound bereavement.

Learning to understand the psychological process of loss, of bereavement, is an important coping skill when you live with Chronic Pain.

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Chronic Pain ~ Who’s in the “Driver’s Seat” of Your Pain?

Continuing research on Chronic Pain has begun to show that Chronic Pain, to some degree (they’re still working on all of this), can be a disease of the mind.

This doesn’t mean however that there are not major injuries to or diseases of the body involved as well, but simply, given the technology and brain-imaging that is now available…

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