Miracles Do Happen

Over the course of the last year my pain has gradually begun to recede. After 10 years of agonizing, and ever worsening, Chronic Pain, it just simply started to dissipate.

This is a great (and surreal) miracle!

Every day I am overwhelmed with gratitude ~ for the simplest of things, which as we know, are near to or completely impossible when you live with pain…showering, feeding one’s self, getting dressed, not crying a million times a day, being able to think, clearly, and the list goes one.

As a result I have been able to go back to my profession, which I loved and did for 20 years before my Chronic Pain journey began.

This is blessed news but also means that I will only be able to post here occasionally.

Helping others with Chronic Pain will forever more be my life’s great passion as I know the Hell of it and simply will not leave others alone in it without lending my hand, my heart and spirit.

May Peace, Hope and Faith be with you.

Until next time….