Whose Who in the World of Chronic Pain: The Partner’s for Understanding Pain Member List and Links

The Partners for Understanding Pain is a consortium, “spearheaded by the American Chronic Pain Association, striving to create greater understanding among health care professionals, individuals and families who are struggling with pain management, working to bring the business community, legislators, and the general public the message that pain is a serious public health issue.”

They work hard advocating for those who live in pain and below, you will find their member list and then the links to each of these supporting organization’s home web-sites.


*Note: this is not a comprehensive list but rather simply those members whose work may, directly, be helpful to individuals living in chronic pain.

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What IS Being Done to Address Chronic Pain?

Pain is pervasive and affects more Americans than diabetes, heart disease and cancer. In fact, more than all 3 combined.

Chronic pain is one HUGE health problem that surprisingly, and dismaying for those living with the condition, does not seemingly get the attention (and funding and services) the magnitude of the problem appears to warrant. *Keep in mind here that pain still lacks a definitive definition that addresses and differentiates its manifest forms.


Do not get discouraged though because…

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The Founder of the American Chronic Pain Association: Penny Cowan

Going from Patient to Person: How I Live Fully With Pain

“When you live with chronic pain, it can consume your life, making it seem like your whole existence is defined by your pain. On top of that, much of what you hear about chronic pain in the news is overwhelmingly negative, with stories about pain being associated with opioid abuse and addiction.
But there’s an untold story out there that is painfully familiar to the nearly 100 million people living with pain…

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Pain Matters Documentary

The Discovery  Channel’s excellent documentary on pain, “Pain Matters”, is specifically about chronic pain.

This film looks at pain and chronic pain from several angles with testimonies by pain/medical researchers, Doctors in the field of pain management and several powerful segments devoted to individuals who are living with chronic pain.

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Having Problems Getting Your Pain Medicine?

Just When You Thought Having Chronic Pain Couldn’t Get Any Harder…

Getting pain medication has become a shockingly, deeply distressing and disturbing experience for the last year and a half. As time goes on it becomes more and more so, and it seems hard to believe that, although pain medication is often an essential part of managing pain, with all the wonderful work that science and researchers have done to provide us with a number of medications to address and truly help with pain, the government is now making it all but impossible to access that very thing.

For the chronic pain patient in significant pain this has become a terrifying time.

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