Chronic Pain Patient Problems and Concerns ~ Help is Available

Are you having real problems with your Doctor-

perhaps not getting the help you need, issues over medications, office practices (including what is known as “patient abandonment”) or other serious concerns??

Have you had a nurse in the hospital not care for you properly?

Or had surgery that went seriously wrong?

When you live with Chronic Pain we are often not in good enough shape to care for or advocate for ourselves. And we know, although the practice of medicine is an art-form, there are also times, experiences and choices made that are seriously wrong.

What to do?  Who can help?

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The President’s Commission on the Opiate Crisis Met for the 1st Time Today, and They Want to Hear From YOU!

The President has put together a special commission to research and address drug addiction and the “opiate crisis”. Today was their first meeting, and their research will conclude with a report to the President in October of this year.

They are STRONGLY encouraging the public to submit their input: your stories, experiences and concerns. *Encourage your friends and family to reach out too. The more the merrier and right about now we can use all the support and help we can get. There is A LOT of publicity on the “other side” of all this.

This is an important opportunity for those of us who live with Chronic Pain and who rely on pain medications and opiates to let our voices and experiences be heard.

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Advocating to Affect Chronic Pain Positive Change ~ By Focusing Efforts on the State Government-Specific

There is a lot going on in our society at the moment in respect to Chronic Pain. More and more people are coming to see the condition as “real” and too, the complex nature of it 

(which anyone with the condition can tell you – the impact on one’s mind and spirit, mental and emotional well-being when you live in constant pain, the lack of understanding amongst healthcare professionals, our families and friends and the public at large, the often invisible disability nature of the condition, and on and on it goes). There is certainly a lot of attention being given by the media to opiates and other pain medications, which can be concerning (to say the least) for those living in Chronic Pain, but there are also movements afoot such as…

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Worried About Your Pain Medication?

In today’s political climate it is darn right terrifying to be a patient with a chronic pain condition!

Struggles finding healthcare?

A Doctor?

And Pharmacies?

“Issues” over medications you KNOW work…

Being “offered” medication alternatives?

Or a “variation” in dosage?

The story goes on.

And don’t we know, when you live in Chronic Pain there’s simply not much fight left. If you have a strong care-provider in your corner who’s willing to fight this good fight, you are most truly blessed! But for many, it may seem easier to just let it go, and harshly, for more and more, to let it ALL go.

But there is hope…

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Making Chronic Pain Advocacy Easy

The U.S. Pain Foundation is a 501 non-profit organization that was formed in 2012 for the purpose of serving those who live with pain conditions and their care providers.

They have several different programs and amongst them is “People with Pain Matter”. This is the online arm of the organization devoted to raising public awareness for the condition.

They are particularly focused here:

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