Looking for Help to Better Manage Your Pain? A Dog Might Just Have the Answers You Need

Have you ever seen a child take comfort in their “stuffy” (a favored stuffed animal that brings untold ease, calm and joy)?

Certainly we all need and look for reassurance and comfort. But what is it to take comfort, to be comforted? Comfort affords us the vital sense of being secure and at ease, filled with well-being, contentment, relief and reassurance. These are essential to our flourishing as human beings.

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The Founder of the American Chronic Pain Association: Penny Cowan

Going from Patient to Person: How I Live Fully With Pain

“When you live with chronic pain, it can consume your life, making it seem like your whole existence is defined by your pain. On top of that, much of what you hear about chronic pain in the news is overwhelmingly negative, with stories about pain being associated with opioid abuse and addiction.
But there’s an untold story out there that is painfully familiar to the nearly 100 million people living with pain…

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Pain Matters Documentary

The Discovery  Channel’s excellent documentary on pain, “Pain Matters”, is specifically about chronic pain.

This film looks at pain and chronic pain from several angles with testimonies by pain/medical researchers, Doctors in the field of pain management and several powerful segments devoted to individuals who are living with chronic pain.

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A Strength That Will Help Over All Things…

…And he said, “I shall attack these hardships until I triumph and place in your hands a strength that will help over all things to complete the journey of life.

Love – which is God – will consider our sighs and tears as incense burned at His altar and He will reward us with fortitude.

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