This web-site has been developed in the spirit of service to those living in chronic pain and to foster understanding for their care providers, family and friends.

    Daily writings full of mental, emotional and physical inspiration and informative resources, life affirming and enriching ideas, quotes and research findings, links, and any number of coping skills from the routine to the esoteric are all put forth as support towards a life lived in chronic pain.

To those living in chronic pain the condition hardly needs to be defined. In fact, it defies such conceptual confines. We understand.

The fundamental concern for those with chronic pain becomes learning to live with and manage one’s pain and daily life with such. Life in constant pain is almost invariably accompanied by depression and anxiety issues, which one also has to learn to manage as best one can. Live in pain for long enough you become willing to try just about anything however, given enough unsuccessful attempts to cure or help the pain, one can’t help but become rather skeptical. Hope and real understanding and support become precious.

The key is to not give in or give up and to maintain some sense of positivity and internal strength with which to face one’s condition.

Every day there will be a bit of information here and on occasion little bits of wisdom and strength will stay with you, to fortify and carry you forth to meet the realities of living with chronic pain. Perhaps simply knowing there are others sharing the journey, who do in fact understand, is enough.

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