My journey with chronic pain has been a 10 year and counting experience.

I know that there are many that have suffered more than me and many who have suffered less, but I know the path and my purpose here is to be of service to anyone who is experiencing chronic pain.

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What motivates me is the fact that I have known absolute, utter despair in the hands of chronic pain. I know what it is to feel truly lost and alone in its grip, frustrated by the labyrinth of medical care and other’s perceptions of the condition and to be profoundly tired, and done, oh so very done. It certainly is not a condition you would wish on another and despite the whole mindset of prospering under pressure, rising to and through adversity, some experiences are simply terrifyingly dark, well beyond the confines of the reality most know.

If you’ve lived with significant chronic pain for any length of time you know the staggeringly mind-altering nature of the condition.

I truly hope that I can help others, whether your chronic pain is manageable or beyond the pale, with a hand outstretched in understanding and compassion.

 Fundamentally, my wish is for you to know that you are not alone, that there are people who do understand and who are working to make your life, your existence, better, by degrees both small and large.