Maintaining, and Finding Peace in, Trust

Missing the Obvious

“Writers never see the mistakes in their own manuscripts; manuscripts always have to be proofread by someone unfamiliar with the text, who will read what is actually there and not what he expects to read. The writer will invariably read what she intended to write….It is amazing just how many mistakes the proofreader will pick up, even though the writer was sure that she had checked and double-checked it.

Perhaps prayer is like that.

We don’t see God’s answers to our prayers, because our minds are completely tuned in to what we expect God to do, or even what we, in our wisdom, have instructed Him to do….

Our expectation represents a very small part

when set against the cosmic range of God’s possibilities.

Thus it becomes easy to miss the obvious, because we are waiting for…

events to unfold as we had planned (or envisioned) them, and we are blind to the ways in which God is active in the situation.

To move beyond this kind of habitual blockage, try turning your prayer on its head. Instead of focusing on what you are asking God to do in your life and then waiting to see if He does it,

try noticing what God is actually doing in your life…

As so often in prayer, the key is in the focus…

we don’t see God’s answers.

We might experience a radically different perspective on things if we could ask instead, ‘What is God doing right now in my daily life?’

If we can trust God…then we may see answers to prayers that we never dared to hope for.”

~ Margaret Silf in Close to the Heart; A Practical Approach to Personal Prayer



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