Learning About the Mind-Pain Connection … A “Leverage Point” for Chronic Pain Management

We now believe that the brain is the root of our sense of pain.

“But if the brain controls all pain, does that mean that we can think pain away? ” ~ Paul Ingraham, Pain Science

No, but, as pain is our brain’s doing (normally it works as a danger/warning sign for bodily injury and harm), we can utilize this information to have some “influence” on our pain…

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Too Serious for Numbers

If you live with Chronic Pain you know all about the Pain Scale-

And too, the ambiguities of it.


Today’s a ” good day”…Does that mean I’m a 5 or am I just being Melo-dramatic?!?

If l’m really having a bad pain day, like I’m dreaming of jumping off a bridge or some such nonsense, does that make me a 10?
Or is 10 “reserved” for those who are literally on fire?

Who knows?!? Where’s the answer key?

For a  good laugh on the subject (and others as well) …

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