The Energy Limitations of Chronic Pain ~ The Minimalist Trend May Just Help With That


When you live in Chronic Pain energy becomes one of your most precious commodities. Like any resource, when it is limited and you don’t have enough to go around it becomes something to invest great care and thought in, so that, when you do have it, you can spend it in an enjoyable way: visiting friends, working in your shop, creating art or gardening.

So how do we utilize and reclaim the supply of energy what we do have or  “find” more?

Caring for our energy, our time, affords us the ability to live intentional, purposeful lives, and in the case of those living in pain, adding a little vitally needed quality time. Investing our energy and time in the things we truly love, as opposed to spending it on the busy-ness our modern-day, technology and consumer-driven lives seems to dictate, adds real meaning and a sense of value to our lives.

If you’re living with Chronic Pain, it is often the case that we can’t manage much more than our pain, the Doctors, physical therapy, treatments, medications, rest, and on and on it goes. As well, we know that stress -whether born of our jobs, getting the car serviced, doing the dishes and the laundry, paying bills (which can add up if you have a lot of stuff…maintenance, upkeep, storage, etc.) – is a significant pain trigger. Less stress equates less pain. Less stuff to manage would equate just that, less stress, less pain.

Which brings us to the trend of minimalism.

Being a minimalist isn’t for everyone but if managing your “stuff” is keeping you up at night or causing you angst or upset, it may be worth investigating. For many, less has proven to be more.

So….you if want to explore the idea of living a minimalist lifestyle below are a few intriguing places to start as too is a TED Talk on the subject.

The Minimalists’ TEDx Talk: A Rich Life with Less Stuff


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