The Breathe ~ A Powerful Tool for Those Living in Chronic Pain

The benefits of deep breathing for those in chronic pain are profound, far surpassing what many of us might imagine.

It is a pain management tool, finally, that gives us an immediate, healthy, empowering response and method-at-our-fingertips to deal with a life lived in constant pain.

For many an immediate way to deal with chronic pain…no Doctor’s, Specialists, pills, appointments, insurance, money, in any situation or environment, any hour of the day constitutes, hands down, a miracle…

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The Vital Importance of Relationship for Those Living with Chronic Pain

Chronic pain, especially in its debilitating forms, leads to significant changes in one’s life. Mobility, activities, the ability to work and play can all be seriously impacted and as a result we, our inner self, changes as well.

The grief of the loss of our former selves and, for many, the sense that few understand our experience can have serious consequences. Crucially, our relationships are dramatically altered.  We are often no longer able to meet and get together with others as easily as we did in the past, physical mobility, and mental states play a role (depression and anxiety are common “side-effects” of Chronic Pain)  and too, some people, sadly, simply do not have the patience, understanding and/or compassion needed to maintain relationships with the chronically ill.

Our relationships though, and essentially the quality of our relationships, play a vital role in how well we will deal with and thrive, or not, with Chronic Pain.

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