The Indiscernible Boundary Between the Rational and Irrational ~ An Artist’s Expression of Chronic Pain

Ever try to explain what it’s like to live in chronic pain?

The following 1 minute installation art-piece, “Barbed Wire”, does a pretty great job.

Barbed Wire by Eugenie Lee; 2012

The challenging part becomes trying to imagine this in all its never-relenting, never-ending reality.

Artist Eugenie Lee

“Eugenie Lee is a Korean born visual artist whose works focus on the human body and mind, and in particular chronic pain. Drawing from the complex relationships between the biological, psychological, and social factors of illness, Lee engages and interprets scenarios where we cannot reach the ideals of perfect health.

No Regrets


Fascinated by the discernible boundary between the rational and irrational fears surrounding illness, and the unquantifiable nature of suffering, the artist incorporates objective medical science into her imaginative psychodramas.


Lee presents her narratives through paintings, sculptures, and installations. Her figurative paintings have addressed a range of subjective experiences including anxiety, isolation, and fear, whilst her sculptures and installations expressed both objective and subjective medical concepts via abstract structures. Her current works have started to reconcile these opposing ideas, inspired by neuroscience’s recent recognition that pain is complicated by each individual’s perceptions and meanings.

These explorations not only broaden Lee’s search to better understand herself but also expand upon an area of medicine that science itself is still learning to fathom the workings of human brain relating to pain.”

Her web-site with her contact information are here.

Helping Health Practitioners to Understand Your Pain and Pain Severity

So… for many of us living in chronic pain, visits to a Doctor’s office can prove problematic when asked to describe our pain using a numerical rating system. Although quick and convenient, how then do you best describe your pain to a Doctor, Nurse or other health care practitioner especially if your level of pain constitutes “significant” or “severe” pain (beyond the fact, of course, that you’re not writhing about and/or screaming through-out your visit with them)?


Nurses and Doctors often ask you to state your level of pain using the 0-to-10 pain scale (where 0 represents no pain & 10 represents the worst pain you can imagine) and that can be tricky, especially if your level of pain ebbs and flows, which of course it naturally does.

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Profiles in Courage ~ The Story of Presidential Strength and Fortitude in the Face of Chronic Pain

Today is President’s Day, and although we wholeheartedly honor our 1st   President and Founding Father George Washington today, it seems as fine a day as any to ask:

Did you know that one of our Presidents lived in extraordinary chronic pain for most of his entire life?


Known for his good looks, apparent vigor, and charismatic appeal…

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Whose Who in the World of Chronic Pain: The Partner’s for Understanding Pain Member List and Links

The Partners for Understanding Pain is a consortium, “spearheaded by the American Chronic Pain Association, striving to create greater understanding among health care professionals, individuals and families who are struggling with pain management, working to bring the business community, legislators, and the general public the message that pain is a serious public health issue.”

They work hard advocating for those who live in pain and below, you will find their member list and then the links to each of these supporting organization’s home web-sites.


*Note: this is not a comprehensive list but rather simply those members whose work may, directly, be helpful to individuals living in chronic pain.

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