Halotherapy- Using Salt Inhalation Therapy to Help Manage Pain

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal Salt Inhalation Therapy, an alternative health remedy, known as both Halotherapy and Speleotherapy (depending on the methods and techniques used) is known to purify the body of toxins, cleanse and bolster the skin and respiratory system, act as an anti-inflammatory, and for its calming and deep relaxation benefits. Many of these benefits can be effective in helping manage and, potentially, lessen your chronic pain.

Popular in Europe it has just started to become known in the United States.  There are over 200 spas now offering the therapy.

Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, puts a dry salt aerosol of fine, purified salt particles into either an enclosed room or a salt chamber during typically  45 minute treatment sessions. The dry salt is said to have antibacterial and antifungal properties, helping to cleanse the lungs, absorbing impurities in your lungs and skin, and thereby helping to purify the body of toxins. With cleaner lungs comes more oxygen and greater energy.

Similar to the effects of bathing in Epsom salts which have been known for years to help eliminate toxins and also helping to relax muscles and relieve pain.

Today it is significantly more popular in Europe, especially Eastern Europe and Russia, with their salt mines.  The first Salt Therapy Resort was begun in Poland in 1839 by Dr. Feliks Boczkowski after he noticed that salt miners seemed to have excellent health, fewer respiratory illnesses and younger looking skin. By 1964 the world’s first Allergy Treatment Spa was created in the “Wieliczka” Salt Mine in Poland and in 1968, the first speleo-hospital was opened in the Solotvyno salt mine in Ukraine.  In 1985 in Odessa, Russia, the Institute of Balneology developed the first Halotherapy device, made to disperse fine salt particles into the air.

Dry Salt Therapy, similar to a day at the beach in concentrated form, is natural and safe although some people may find the salt irritating to the eyes and throat. Research for the treatment is still in its infancy but there seem to be no long-term harmful side effects. According to the Salt Therapy Association (STA) “Halotherapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin, boosting the immune systems, reducing stress and facilitating better sleep.”




Author: ChronicPainDailyReflections

I manage a web-site, Chronic Pain Daily Reflections.com, created for and in support of those living in chronic pain. The site helps with the day-to-day spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of those with constant pain, whatever its source.

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