Honoring the Day-to-Day Experience of Chronic Pain

As a part of the U.S. Pain Foundation’s campaign to bring awareness and support to the chronic pain community, they started a project known as The Invisible Project whose stated goal “is to create pain awareness through the photographs stories of real pain survivors.”

The U. S. Pain Foundation launched The Invisible Project in the fall of 2010 “to honor and acknowledge those living each day with pain. It is a photo-journalistic showcase of the day-to-day experiences of real people with chronic pain and illness.


The goal is to make visible the challenges associated with chronic pain that are often hidden behind the walls of hospitals, bedrooms and the confines of our minds.

It also addresses all three of the Foundation’s own goals: creating awareness, empowering survivors and generating change.”



“In a sense, pain is the invisible disease. It is intangible, subjective and personal. Each person has a different level of tolerance and a personal way of defining pain’s quality and intensity. As a result, many people with pain face judgment and ridicule. Pain leaves people feeling misunderstood, alone and unheard; and it often goes untreated and underfunded.”

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