Living well with pain

Living Well’s Article


Living Well with chronic pain is an article which, briefly, outlines 8 steps or processes to take to better live in pain: They discuss: coping skills, exercise, medication, alternative treatments, relaxation tips, seeking help and support and the value of research . It is very minimal …

but might be helpful as a launching off point in respect to understanding how to manage chronic pain and/or as the web-site itself may be of value to you in respect to the vast array of health-related topics they research and discuss.

The web-site, Very, covers any number of health-care articles and information. Their stated purpose is to be “your source for reliable, understandable information on hundreds of health and wellness topics that always keeps the reasons you come to us in mind.” And they make sure to have their information is accurate by having it reviewed by Board-certified Doctors and Surgeons.


Author: ChronicPainDailyReflections

I manage a web-site, Chronic Pain Daily, created for and in support of those living in chronic pain. The site helps with the day-to-day spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of those with constant pain, whatever its source.

Leaving a comment? Please remember, as if you need to, that chronic pain is challenging enough as is and to comment with a spirit of positivity, compassion and loving kindness

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