Sacred Partnerships

There is nothing like speaking to another who lives with chronic pain. There is an immediate sense of understanding and shared experience that you cannot find with others, no matter how empathic and compassionate they may be.

I always feel better, certainly in respect to a sense of community, as opposed to the more frequent sense of singularity and in many other ways, after speaking with someone who shares the chronic pain journey.

It is especially revelatory when one comes across individual’s who are finding a positive path to manage their pain.


The following is a poignant writing on living and traveling when faced with great challenge, a common experience by Dr. Paul Fleishman, a writer and psychiatrist. He has written The Healing Spirit and Cultivating Inner Peace. He won the Oskar Pfister Award by the American Psychiatric Association for his “important contributions to the humanistic and spiritual side of psychiatric issues”.

Sacred Partnerships

“There is a sacred partnership between reason and faith. We progress by joining intelligence, logic and investigation to hope, perseverance and reverence. Science and the spiritual both bring light, like the moon and the sun.

There is a sacred partnership between the mundane and the transcendent. Only by validating and engaging our suffering world can its limits be glimpsed.

There is a sacred partnership between the individual and their path in this life. Only by joining reflective, open perception to their history, the people and events in their lives, can a person dip into the experience to which the path leads. The path proceeds through our relationships with life, in all its aspects.

There is a sacred partnership among those who build a home, a self, dedicated to truth and harmony. They emerge into the same circle of daylight, having journeyed across time on the wings of shared development. Their home is a safe harbor for others; a ship’s prow skillfully traversing the ocean; a lamp in the darkness.”

Author: ChronicPainDailyReflections

I manage a web-site, Chronic Pain Daily, created for and in support of those living in chronic pain. The site helps with the day-to-day spiritual, mental, emotional and physical needs of those with constant pain, whatever its source.

Leaving a comment? Please remember, as if you need to, that chronic pain is challenging enough as is and to comment with a spirit of positivity, compassion and loving kindness

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